If You’re Not On Page 1 Of Google Your Throwing A Lot Of Money Away To Your Competitors Who Are More Than Happy To Be Cashing It In!



With My Course Everything’s Easy To Implement Even For Those That Don’t Have Too Much Computer Knowledge. I’ll Take You Step By Step With My Short But Straight To The Point Video Tutorials That Will Cover Everything You Need To Know… Making You The Expert!  




This System Works Even With Keywords That Have Millions Of Searches A Day & Thousands Of Competitors As Well.


Dear Business Owner,

Are you sick and tired of hiring website developers that charge crazy prices to build you a website, charge extra for hosting, charge many hundreds and even  thousands of dollars for online and offline website optimization, setup and rank a google places listing as well as your business website/s? Well I’m hearing you! As a website developer, educator and business owner in a number of different niches for over a decade now, I’ve come to see a real need to help businesses take full control of their online presence. My simple yet powerful course will educate you with the skills you need to take back full control of your online business presence. Can you imagine buying a domain name of your choice plus hosting and building your own website or blog quickly and easily that’s completely optimized and then make that website rank on the first page of the search engines for your chosen keywords which will enable you to get hundreds of extra visitors a day!

Your Business Will Explode!

I’m talking about the most targeted traffic a business could ever hope for…people searching for your keywords online! Every year more and more people search “online” for a service provider and those figures are increasing every year. For most keywords, already more people search online as opposed to the Yellow Pages. If you’re not positioned on page 1 of the search engines like Google, you’re throwing money away to your competitors. This system works in all countries for all keywords!


Turn A Quiet Business Into A Raging Success Story!


Does your business struggle to generate enough traffic?

Well you don’t have to because setting your business up on Google Plus Local isn’t as difficult as you think but there is a right way and a wrong way which makes all the difference. Do it the wrong way and you’ll have no hope of ever ranking for the money keywords that people use when searching for your services. What I teach is the correct way to set your business up for success and exponential growth and profits.



After going through my course you’ll be able to set yourself up on page 1 and rake in lots more traffic and your competitors will have a hard time catching you just like the above examples. You’ll be the expert in your business niche as you dominate those top spots on google!

  • How to purchase the right domain name and hosting.
  • Point your domain and hosting onto a WordPress website.
  • Build your website from scratch with a theme and plugins.
  • Load your website with content configured for all the search engines.
  • How to use widgets on your website.
  • Create your own professional graphics for everything quickly and easily.
  • How to make 15 to 20 professional videos including music for under $10.
  • Creating a Youtube channel and uploading your video’s.
  • Everything you need to know about how to quickly embed images & video’s into your site.
  • Step by step instruction on how to create an opt in form and build your customer list using an ingenious method.
  • Build flashy themes with slideshow images.
  • Setting up your Google places plus listing with citations.
  • Claiming your Google plus places through phone verification.
  • Optimization of your Google plus places.
  • Image and video geo targeting.
  • Loading images and videos into your Google plus places.
  • Easily embed videos into Google maps and Google earth.
  • How to fill your Google plus listing with positive reviews within 1 week guaranteed.
  • The importance of backlinks to your website and how to get them quickly & easily.
  • Exact step by step instruction on what you’ll need to do to rank at the top of Google plus pages and Google search.
  • And much much more…..

Statistics from both Kelsey Group and Google reveal that over 70% of internet users search for local businesses online.  From these numbers we know that the majority search for local services and products. That’s a lot of eyeballs and you want your business to get in front of these eyeballs. Page 1 of Google gets the majority of the traffic. It is estimated to get around 35% to 45% of all the traffic to date and that figure rises evey day.

Keyword Research Is A Very Important Part Of My Course,

A crucial component of my course has to do with keyword research. I’m going to show you a powerful technique professional and competent developers use to find the most valuable keywords for any given niche quickly and easily. You’re going to know exactly which keywords people type into the google search bar when looking for your particular service. Once armed with this knowledge you’ll then be able to rank high for those keywords using my easy to implement strategies….all you need to do is follow along and you will always be ahead of your competition!


Once You’ve Implemented The Strategies Found In My Course Your Websites Impressions Will Skyrocket & So Will Your Business!


Google is the 800 lb gorilla in the search engine room so it is really important to get your business ranked on the first page of Google so as to begin to corner the market over the online and offline competitors. Now the challenge is that there are only limited spots available on the first page of Google. Your potential customers are searching for you on the internet today. When they’re looking for businesses online, it is important that your business appears on the first page of Google right there in front of them and that’s what my offline to online domination course will do for your business!


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Best Regards,

Daniel Jankovic

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P.S.  Just wanted to remind everyone that you don’t need access to your website to do this course. All you’ll need to start a listing on google plus places and ranking for the first page of the search engines for your business website/s is just your URL address (e.g. www.yourbusiness.com), you wont need internal access to your website at all. With just your business website address we can then begin the process of getting you ranked.